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Magnetos, lots of 'em


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I'm sure these are primarily hit 'n miss types, but not sure of the provenance of any of them. Any ideas?

They are: Fairbanks-Morse "Type FM" "JiB7" 1675395

WICO Model X "SPEC XH-2504" # Y-118

Fairbanks Morse Type FM "X1B7E"

Internationational Hvrstr. Ser.# J4058763

Fairbanks Morse "4B9" "IA283325"

& some pieces.









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Guest De Soto Frank

The units numbered 2 & 3 in yellow paint appear to be from four-cylinder Farmall / International tractors / ag equipment.

The Fairbanks and Wico mags with the gear drive are similar to mags I 've seen on BIG one-cylinder Wisconsin air-cooled engines form the 1950's - '60s... in the 12-16 horse ball-park.

All too new to be "hit & miss", but believe they are all from agricultural / farm equipment.

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The first photo is a F&M type J. commonly used on Allis Chalmers 4 cylinder tractors of the 30's, 40's. That is the same as my K-35 AC crawlers. The IH one with a 3 marked on it is for a farmall Cub, A,B,H, W-4, and other 4 Cylinder IH tractors from 1939 - the 50's. Many were changed for distributors. A similer IHC 1 cylinder mag was also used on the LA and LB line of IHC engines. Look at how many lobes on the points shaft. The F&M and the Wico mags are off of I cyl. Wisconsin engines or other similar units. On the F&M 4 Cylinder Mags. If the rotor under the cap is geared, it is tractor. If it is not, it is from a V-4 Wisconsin stationary engine. Dandy Dave!

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