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Window Motor - Pass Side


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Finally got around to installing the NAPA motor I bought last October. :rolleyes: Last time I did one, I used nuts & bolts to mount it to the door. This time, used 1/4" pop rivets. Saved a lot of time. I remembered to wear long sleeves & gloves; didn't lose even a drop of blood.

Thanks to Dave Terry for his instructions. :) ............ Jim

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I have always used nuts and bolts because I did not have a pop rivet tool for the large size.

Now that I have the tool, have not had a need to use it for over a year.

Think that's one of Murphey's laws. If you buy a tool, spare part or whatever, the need for it never arises. I suggest everyone buy one of these so your window motors don't break. Harbor Freight $17.11 inc tax.

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