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1937 Packard cylinder block


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I am looking at a 1937 Packard Super 8 with a crack in the cylinder block. I am not a mechanic. Should I walk away from this one or is it not a big deal for a engine restorer? Thanks!

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Packard Super 8 engines have occasion to have problems with blocks. I understand that some years are worse than others. Remember too, that the pool of replacement engines is small, as the late 30's were low numbers on the Senior cars for Packard.

Block repair is an art. There are Super 8 engines available, but not cheap. You need to look at the overall car, is it worth saving, and a good deal as it is.....figure 10K minimum to fix/repair engine, then see if it works out.. good luck...

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Guest Backyardmechanic

I agree with rusty. If the crack is on the out side of the block first thing to do is to locate where the crack starts and ends then with a 1/8 drll bit drill a hole where the crack starts and ends thu the water jacket this will stop the crak from going any future. then with a thin wheel or a stone "V" out the crack not so deep that u reach the water jack, then drill and tap for 10-32 round head screws 1/4 inch apart install screws with lock tite on threads let set for an hour or so then grind the heads off the screws. used Jb weld fill in the "V" smooth. here's a handy tip, while the JB weld is wet sprinkel sand over the surface press the sand in a little into the surface when dry rub the sand off to give the surface a casting efect.

If the crack in the bore one can bore oversize leaveing .002 for a press fit for a sleeve.

We once had a '32 flat head V/8 ford engine that 6 of the cylinders were busted bored clear thu the water jacket install sleeves this was 15 years ago this engine is till running strong.


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