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Atlantic City NJ Feb Auction & Fleamarket

Guest Silverghost

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Guest Silverghost

Do any forum members here still attend the annual Feb. Atlantic City NJ Car Auction & Fleamarket ?

Dad & I used to go every year and it used to be great when it was heald at the old boardwalk Convention Hall .

Lots of Antique & Classic cars went over the auction block !

The indoor fleamarket used to be fantastic also~~~

It was packed with great auto parts & well known vendors !

To us it just is not the same anymore !

In the last 15 years or so in my opinion it has gone downhill . There are many 10 y/o or newer cars auctioned and very few Antiques & Classics.

It's almost like a used car auction !

The muscle-car clones & so-called "tribute cars" are there in great numbers now ; as are street & hotrods etc.

The fleamarket has many vendors selling non-auto related home improvment items, replacment windows, cookware etc.

We used to laod-up with needed parts & restoration supplies !

Not any longer !

The only thing I buy at the fleamarket now are cheap Chinese Air Tools !

This event was once packed with great Antique & Classic autos & collectors ! The boardwalk was packed also~~~

With everyone carrying JC Taylor shopping bags full of car parts !

In our area this event used to be second only to the Hershey Fall Meet in attendance & FUN !

For us it always WAS a must attend event !

Many times we drove through snow & ice to get there !

We also used to stay at an AC hotel overnight !

I still usually attend The Classics at the Trump auction ~~~

But it too is not what it once was !

Few real true Full Classics are auctioned there anymore !

Many that do attend do not make reserve !

What are your opinions on these two Atlantic City Auction events ?

Do you still attend ?

Have you ever purchased a car there lately ?

Do you like the Fleamarket ?

I am trying to decide If I want to go again this year ? !

It may not be a worhwhile event for me to attend anymore ; as there are not many real Antiques & Classics going over the auction block there anymore~~~


Since my Father is now gone~~~

It just won't EVER be the same !

We both attended every year~~~

Just like Hershey !

What are your opinions of these two events ?

Will YOU be going ?

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I can be there in 10 minutes. I have not wasted my time in years.

The AC show was just way to expensive for the normal flea market guys to afford. Many were lucky to break even.

It is a waste of time and lots of cash these days. I will only go if I get free tickets and that has not happened in a long time.

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