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  1. A wood silled body (pre-slant fordors) do not have body blocks. They would only have a couple of rubber shims at each bolt.
  2. Never been into a 30 fordor so I can only give general advice. There is probably a captured nut set in a recess or a wood blind nut. For a real answer take the question to Fordbarn.com Model A forum as that is where the largest concentration of A guys can be found.
  3. Frank Jim's description is confusing at best. The pans are riveted to metal sills, but guys are frequently doing other stuff. Anyway, here is a link to my site the will provide some pictures as a good starting point. Rumble lids You would do best to ask further specific questions over on fordbarn. I believe the pans were riveted to the sills. Poke around Vince's website as he put together a coupe and has some good details. Vince Falter's website
  4. The fenders are same from car to truck. There are some different fenders. The 31 fenders will have a notch for the splash apron and the 30's will have the notch spot welded in place. There are some minor variations in fenders. The 28-29 fenders are much different. A little aside. You need to find out if you have a 28-29 or a 30-31 frame. That will affect radiator height and how the hood fits. It is recommended that you get the Judging Standards as that will help you understand the various parts. I also like to point out that a properly restored to original Model A will drive like a car f
  5. The real question we need to consider is what does this mean to those who will restore these cars in 25 years? Will judging require the original system that failed or the recalled part? Is the AACA accumulating the information so that these cars can be properly judged when they become eligible?
  6. If you want your head lights to work you want all original parts in the bucket. The spacer has issues, the wiring can be too light a gauge, the sockets are not right and the reflectors have the wrong shape. The original stuff is easy to fix and it will all work with not problems. If you want a nice bright light for driving at night do not buy those halogen conversions. You want the direct replacement bulbs made in Australia. Little British Car company is one retailer in the US. They use marginally more current and are a direct replacement for the original bulbs. They work fine with the or
  7. It is a 30-31 body. Ford did use the boxy 28-29 cab into early 30 then switched over. Keep in mind it would have had a painted steel rad shell too. As pointed out it is likely a put together body and if it is titled as pre-30 then they are just using a title that was laying around. Does the firewall have an indent where the gas line comes through? If so then it is a 31 body.
  8. Surface rust must be removed. This can be done mechanically with sand paper or chemically with products like Ospho, Pickle X 20, or several harder to use rust removers. Ospho and pickle X have the advantage in they do not need to be washed off are application. Some the systems you get from PPG or Dupont are multi step processes. You really want to get an epoxy primer direct to the metal as soon as possible. The only exception is if you need to work the metal or put in a patch panel. I used Pickle X on my metal and it kept the rust away for a very long time. It is interesting to note tha
  9. See if you have a local car club that have some guys to give you an honest idea of condition. None of those cars are on the mega dollar list, they are pretty common. The price guides and NADA you can just throw away. Head to ebay and see what stuff that looks like yours sells for. Head to forums that are for a specific make or type of each car and ask what cars are selling for there. What do you really want to do? If you want to get rid of them then you can not price them at top buck. In this market you may have to drop the value some to get someone interested. You have to take location i
  10. How well is your coupe restored? Will it score well in MARC MAFCA judging? How does it drive, who did the engine? Is it a poorly restored car that handles poorly at 45? Does it drive like new holding 55 MPH all day long comfortably? What kind of woody are you looking for? A pile of metal looking for wood might be an even trade for plain coupe. A restored woody bring close to $20K at the low end a coupe tends to be around $10k, yea I know some coupes get more- most get less. In any event you are looking to change from a common car to a very desirable rare car. You best spend some time resea
  11. A local JY had a VW Thing that was fairly complete. A couple of weeks later we were at Carlisle and told a VW Thing guy about the car. He was from Alabama. A week later we were back at the JY, they had a few 65-66 Mustangs we were taking parts from. The VW was gone. Asked the owner what happened. He was surprised by a call earlier in the week. A guy from Alabama called him and came up and bought the car. It was the darnedest thing as he never expected anyone wanting one of those cars that bad.
  12. If your problem is with hard steering then have you first checked the original box? Does it have oil and is it properly adjusted? Then I would go on to ask if the suspension was in good shape or had issues. Too many people neglect the basic idea of restoring the mechanicals to original tolerances. Instead they think they need to change to something modern.
  13. Change your storage to reduce moisture is the most effective route. The devices that turn your car into a cathode to stop rust ignore how rust occurs. Most of the rust on your car is due to local conditions. You also need to understand that pure water on a perfectly clean steel will not easily cause rust. A minor contamination in the water and you have a tiny battery and now you have a chemical reaction making lots of rust. Now if you put 300 volts on that piece of steel and put the same contaminated drop of water you will get the same amount of rust. Yes that idea works on something like
  14. I am looking for a Barrett Drum Dokter manual. A scanned copy would be fine. Just want to read the fine points on using the machine. Thanks.
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