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What is the value of Brass era chassis parts?

Guest TheNewcomer

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Guest TheNewcomer

I inherited a model 35 and 36 Buick. The 36 runs, the 35 is complete. But along with these, I inherited a frame, a differential and part of an engine (two jugs, pistons, upper crankcase, possibly a camshaft and crank) and a transmission.

The transmission I want to hold onto until I'm sure the 35 is up and running, but the differential, frame and engine are really surplus. I'm pretty sure the whole mess was once a 1914 Buick as there are gear teeth on the flywheel. (I'm not certain when electric starts came to Buick and when the 165cid 22.5hp engine was discontinued, so feel free to correct me) The engine is the smaller 165cid 3.75 Bore and Stroke engine.

Any ideas on value in "estate fresh" condition? (all have been garaged, nothing is, like that 1913 Buick/Oakland post, partially buried)

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Those parts a in demand for guys with cracked jugs, broken ring and pinion gears, etc. I just sold a whole 31 buick rear end with axles for $300 plus freight (A really good deal).

I am not in it to make $$. I just find homes for this stuff to help others get their cars done. A new re-manufactured replacement ring & pinion alone will typically go for about $1200-1500.

Check the HCCA site. Some of your parts are advertised in the wanted section right now.

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I could sure use a rear end and driveline for my 1914 B 25 touring

let me know if we can work something out

Been looking for one for 3 + years

Bad ring and pinion gears are fine as I have a good set

Mine broke the ring gear carrier and stripped the adjustment threads off of the driveline

I let my now EX brother in law drive it in a parade and he thought he could just dump the clutch like his Harley and bark the tires dumb mistake on my part

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