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V-12 REBUILD - Valve tool needed

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I am progressing on my V12 rebuild.

Does anyone have a K-D No. 925 Valve Guide Replacing tool for

sale or rent???

I am using newer one-piece valve guides with neoprene seals.


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I have that same original bulletin. - That No. 925 Tool was used not only for

the H V12 but for the Ford 4 Cylinder,6 cylinder and V8's. , so one would think

there would still be some of them around. I found the valve removal tool

(No. 917) by checking out several OLD machine shops, but have yet to find

the replacement tool.

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I couldn't find one either. Used a looong pry-bar, and finally a small lawnmower engine clamp type spring compressor, worked on most valves. Ended up breaking most all the old valves, and had to patch the block when I scratched a couple bores where the valve guides go. Be careful.


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I googled your 925 KD tool and saw that they do not recommend it being used to break loose frozen guides. I have used the KD lever with some success. I have also had success breaking off the head of the valve and driving down the guide to release the keeper. I used the straight shaft 49 to 53 Ford valves as replacements. A 50/50 mixture of acetone and ATF helps to break the seal of frozen guides. Any way you go it is tough to remove FOMOCO valves of this era.

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