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Trabant - Anyone Have One?


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I have three of these cars.. At one time I had FIVE of them. Of the three I still have are TWO P-50 coupes and one 601 Stationwagon.

The wagon is driven frequently. The P-50s both have been languishing outside for a few years. I did at one time drive all of them.. But I have more than 50 cars and no time for any of my own.. I am so busy with client's collector cars, I have no time for my own cars..

So, I would like to find a home for the two P-50 Trabi's. One was a "restored" car when I bought it from East Germany, the other was just a "driver" needing restoration.

I am in northern California

email me at funcars4us@hotmail.com

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Took TWO of the Trabi's to the Concours d'LeMons in August.. Same weekend as Pebble Beach and just up the road. Was a real HOOT!

Drove into Monteray and Carmell with a group of Lemons participants..

Won first in class with my ragged Trabant.. Check it out on youtube. Search 2010 concours d'lemons

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There is one on display in the Air Force Museum at Dayton, OH. They are not much of a car and this one is not restored. I haven't been there is several years and assume it is still on display. I congratulate you for keeping them running. I would think parts are not easily available.

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They are a very simple car... Not much more to them than a push lawn mower.. HA!!

I have not needed any parts for any of them except brake parts.. Got them from Germany over the internet.. Easier to find parts for these than for some of my 60's American made Cars..

My wife doesn't want me out on the freeway with any of them... Probably not a good idea to do so anyway....

But fun crazy little cars for sure.

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