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What spark plugs for the Deco coil pak?


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I will be changing out the spark plugs on my red Reatta [60000 on old plugs]. I never changed them since I did the Delco coil pak upgrade. I haven't looked, but I am thinking that even the original gap of .045 should be close to .060 and need to be changed.

So what plugs and gap should I go to?

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I use Rapidfire #14s gapped at .060" with the Delco ignition. 14s are available from Jegs or Summit if you have trouble finding.

In theory you could regap #3s to .060" and have the same thing

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I went to Advance on Mon. and tried to buy the rapid fires. They only had 5 so I bought the platinums. I found I had purchased platinums before and installed them at 117000 miles. I now have 173000 miles and the gap on the old plugs were .065.

I also had to do the wires as I broke one [#6 cylinder]. I had to go back for the wire set. My wife asked if it could wait until Tuesday. Bless her heart, she wanted to go biking, but I needed the car for Tuesday so I just bought the set and did the wires early Tuesday, before leaving for appointments...

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