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OK! So it's not exactly "Diners, Driveins and Dives", but today I'm out on my territory and a rare moment when all my customers are happy and not calling me. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I have a moment to smell the ....uh....er...anyway.

Took a few pics of the Iowa countryside.

Location 1:

This is not a "Hangin' Tree" it's a good old fashion Shade Tree with a official shade tree winch. Standard equipment for any Ford Truck owner.

Location 2:

It was a long winter here. The driver of the Cockshut apparently was frozen to the steering wheel and has yet to thaw enough to climb free. Note the New Idea 2 row pulltype picker.

Location 3:

Aparently the "Eyes of Texas" are upon us. It's good to see one of "Ol Boys" move among us. The gentleman in the pic hasn't adapted to the cold here as he has been striking the same pose since last Sepember. "Hook em Horns".

Seriously, starting in a few days I'll start a New Thread with my favorite points of interest for you traveling here for the 2010 National.

For now enjoy these Iowa images






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