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A Big Thank You .....

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...to Pat Thorpe!

Pat, I have been noticing a trend on this forum since you first started posting information about your meet in June. We have even had other meets putting info on this forum to help out AACA members.

I will mention this at the next AACA Activities Committee meeting with an emphasis that in the future we try to get each Tour/Meet Chairman to use this web site to enhance their respective Meet/Tours.

Thank you Pat!;)


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Wayne, you didn't have to do that. It is very nice, and very appreciated, but not needed.:o:o:o

I am a busy man, and in order to keep my head above water, I made the decision to put our meet information on the Forum. The intention was not to start a trend, but it was to allow me to have the time to get things done rather than answer the same questions multiple times. It also allowed everyone 24/7 answers to questions that have already been asked.

If I answer a question on my phone, I answer a question for one or two people. If I answer a question on this forum, I may be able to answer that same question to 100 people.

There should be no surprises for anyone when they show up in Canandaigua. I have provided adequate, up to date information, and as long as people have web access, the answers should all be there.

The initial thread that I started last October has had over 6,200 hits. More than 1,000 of those hits has been just in the last two weeks. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd ever see the response that we got.

As Susan (Shop Rat) has said, my presence on this forum has been very limited. I have remained solely on the Meets & Tours section for quite some time, but I hope that the end result will be a quality event that people will want to come back to. The 75th anniversary will only come once, and our region has made the effort to make sure that both our event and the 75th anniversary will both be something for everyone to cherish.

You know you've been busy when the folks at AACA headquarters recognize my voice when I call them.

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