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Have 1921 Hanover. Need parts,other owners,leads? Need hauled from Calif to Fla.

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Dear Friends: Randy Ema was kind enough to sell me his 1922 Hanover cyclecar built from 1921-27 in limited quantities,in Hanover,Pa. Most were 12-15 HP 2 aircooled cylinder engines like mine,but a few were small water cooled 4 cylinder ones,like the one in the car corral at 2009 Hershey,I believed owned by Mark Hyman.That one was red or white I believe. There is a white one with red wheels in the Agricultural and Science Museum in York,Pa. Guys as I remember there was an ad wanting a Hanover,or selling one,several years ago,in the classified ads of the AACA Gazette. In addition,in the same issue or there abouts,there was also someone selling a set of Hanover axles,etc. Does anyone remember or know who these 2 ads were placed by,and/or have those back issues with that info? Randy acquired this car from Jim Talmadge of Calif. The car originally came from Harrahs. At this time,I need a complete hood,bumpers,and 4 fender brackets.I would also like to buy a spare engine and trans. I do not know who made the engine at this point.Other owners,people with parts,literature and leads appreciated. Finally I need to get it shipped with inside transport from Orange,Calif 92866 to Ocala,Fla.34471. It is very small with an approx wheelbase of only 7-8 feet and weighs around 5-600 lbs. Would fit in a pickup truck bed. Does not run,but rolls easily. Will pay $600.00 for the haul. Thanks! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email gnalbright@gmail.com





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Dear Friends I am still in need of someone to haul the Hanover from Orange,Calif to Ocala,Fla. 34471. It is small and light and will fit in the back of a pickup truck. Will pay $600 for the haul,which will cover most of a pickups gas across the USA. Leads to haul appreciated. Thanks,George Albright cell 352 843 1624 email gnalbright@gmail.com

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I'm guessing that you may already know this, but there is a '27 Hanover at the Hanover Museum (part of the M & J Auction House) in Hanover, Pa. The owner is Rick Kress. I doubt he has any parts for sale but might be aware of any parts stashes out there.

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