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Wanted - 1931 Headlamp Buckets and trim ring

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Wanted - 1931 Headlamp Buckets and trim rings

Reason why I may need new ones is I received a call from the platter yesterday and he stated mine are in to sorry of shape for fixing the cracks and knocking out the dents that are in them. smil3dbd4e02c5440.gif

I will find out more and see if they are really that bad once I pick them up.

Not sure what for other years are similar to mine maybe '29-'32 but if anyone runs across some for sale please let me know.


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I have a set of head lamps. I believe they are the same for '30 - '32. These have a cross bar that is Vee'd, so they are probably '32. They are in good shape with the lenses. I can send a picture if you are interested. John

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here are some pictures. the lamps need to be cleaned up, but they are solid and can be used for a driver as is. The only thing missing is the latch at the bottom of one of the rims.

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Terry and John,

Thanks for the offer. I put this wanted add out there just in case this new chrome shop I am using couldn't repair mine. Well he can and he is moving forward in repairing them for me along with some other parts I sent him.

I really appreciate your replies.

Will make a followup post once I get them back.

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