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  1. Hi Mark: Are you still in need of the horn button? I have been offline because of a family illness and still have the button you were interested in.::: Photo attached.
  2. Mark are you still in need of a horn button? If you are I have a nos horn button assembly. I am asking 150.00 for it.
  3. I have a gas tank cover off a 1930 740 2-4 coupe that is in decent condition if it would work. I also have the right side running board with trim. Contact me at sunnbud2vdv@yahoo.com
  4. I have a good gas tank from a 1930 Coupe. Would it work?
  5. oldcar, the phone number for Henry Yeska is 610-759-0230 Bud
  6. Tim, I have a cowl vent handle for sale if you still need one. It is a new casting that I bought for my 31 and did not use. Price is 100.00 plus shipping. Bud
  7. I have two pullcord lighters for 1930/1931 Packards 75$ each. Also have two map lights 50$ each.
  8. I do not know if you have found the part you need for the glove box door yet but if not I have a complete door with the part you need. Iwould sell it as a whole unit if you are interested. I think it is off a 31 or 32. Bud VanDerVorst
  9. Tom I have a good fuel tank that will fit your car. If your still looking for one contact me at sunnbudvdv@yahoo.com. Bud VanDerVorst
  10. The best way is through my e mail which is sunnbud2vdv@yahoo.com
  11. Will a 1931 -840 gas tank fit your 1932 ? If it does contact me. I have a good one.
  12. The brackets are for a 1931 - 840. I would buy them if they are for sale. I have a 31 - 840 Coupe and the brackets I have do not match.
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