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1967 GS For Sale (Linked)


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Over at V8 Buick. 1967 Buick Riviera GS - V8Buick.com

This looks like a nice car assuming there isn't serious hidden rust issues, and its a legitimate GS.

Assuming all is well without questionable issues, it will probably sell for more than his asking price if it makes it to ebay.

Shadow Turquoise 67 GS with black bucket interior, headrests and recliner. doesn't get better than that in 67.

Noticed the A/C compressor is missing.

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Thanks for linking that post. The only issues I see are the odd drilled holes BUT the seller (or his friend) clearly took photos of them.

At issue is the very reasonable price. The poster comments about the effort that went into the body. The interior, trunk and engine are pristine.

You could haggle if he was asking - say $13,000 or so but at < $10,000 you are not going to find much this nice.

In the last set of photos the compressor is back. The engine and transmission were rebuilt < 1,000 miles ago. I'm just very impressed with the attention to detail uinder the hood.

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BJM, I saw you noted this in the old post for the 66 and thought it was worth making a new thread for. I hadn't noticed it at V8B before that so thanks for posting where you did.

Looking closer at the last pics the seats have been reupholstered and it looks like a less than professional job. Now that the A/C compressor is back on I see it has the wrong pulley on it for the 3.42 axle ratio. I'm seeing some other irregularities now as well. Odd that when it was painted they wouldn't have filled the holes that are apparently from old aftermarket side molding. Those kinds of decisions makes me wonder what else may be lurking.

Regardless I know if I was in the market for a 67 GS I'd definitely get the scoop on this one. I'd put on my rust detection goggles if it was a NY car all its life. :D

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That is a nice looking Riv, but I also can't understand why one would leave the side moulding trim holes if you bothered to take the car to bare metal for the repaint. Kinda hard to correct after the fact.

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