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1934 packard radio dynamotor

Guest jpatch

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I have a 1934 Packard, and the radio has a dynamotor. I am trying to find a shop that can restore this radio, and that can do it correctly. Does anyone know of such a place?

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I contacted Precision Stereo Repair, and they do not have any idea how to deal with my radio. The problem is the dynamotor. it has 6 volts going in and 6 volts and 200 or 220 volts coming out. This is to supply the high voltage to the high voltage side of the radio. This was before vibrators were used and after extra batteries were used to power early day car radios. The dynamotor is like a transformer, and I think it is also like a generator, and has moving parts. I need someone who can check this dynamotor to make sure it is working, and to fix it if it needs to be fixed. Other than that, I need someone who can build a power supply to make the high voltage the radio needs. There are a lot of shops that can restore the electronics of the radio, but what to do about the dynamotor?

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Guest ke4mcl

i signed on here just to respond to this thread. im a car buff but have too many hobbies right now so no old cars at the moment. was actually researching a WW2 dynamotor i just got up and running today and google hit this thread. anyhows.....

the dynamotor is a relatively easy piece to rebuild. if you have ever worked on electric motors, you can handle a dynamotor. i have brought several back from the dead. drop me a line and i'll walk you through it.

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