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What options were available in 1953

buick man

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Hey y'all....

Would anyone out there have a grasp on a one-stop source for detailed year/model

options and accessories for buick?

With that said, I have a particular request:

What interior options/trims/accessories were available for the 2-door Roadmaster Coupe for 1953?

I have yet to find a comprehensive site/list/pdf etc. for this. Interested in all interior trim/combo options, colors, materials, electric/hydraulic windows etc....

Also interested in finding the rare available accessories which could be added both from Buick and the Dealer as well. Any after market items which were bold and hot for that day in time.

Let me know what if you can.

Thanks in Advance


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Guest my3buicks

You need to get an accessory brochure for 53, watch ebay, they are not inexpensive, but worth it.

There are some GREAT Buick approved accessories and options.

Some that I had in my 53 Super Coupe included:

Stainless gas door guard

Guide Spotlight/rear view mirror combo

lighted compass

tissue dispenser

Wire Wheel Covers

Light for the dynaflow gear indicator

sun visor vanity mirrors

wonderbar/selectronic Radio

I know I missed a couple

53's are beautiful cars!!!


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Well that's a real good start guys, thanks

Well did you restore your 53 Super or did you buy it already completed as shown?

If you did restore it yourself do you have a before photo? Just love the before and afters.

I am wondering if the Roadmaster 2-door front seat was any different from the the Super 2-door front seat? I have been told that the springing in the seats and backs were different, more in the roadmaster and the attachments to the rails were different. I might post that question up onto the board and see what flies.


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