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64 Riviera AC Blower

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There is an air door but it mainly directs it from heater core to evaporator core and another to the defroster or not. If you don't get much air out, check the seal between the fiberglass and metal sections and the metal section and the firewall. You might be ACing your engine bay like my '65 did. If those are solid check the vent hoses under the dash to see if it's poped off.

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The '64 a/c system has two dual stage vacuum diaphragms in it that open the air doors. I'd say the chances of one if not both of these diaphragms having a leak in it would be good.

There is an excellent trouble shooting guide in the '64 shop manual; if you don't have one, it will become your best restoration tool for working on your Riviera. Besides the two dual stage diaphragms, the trouble shooting guide also mentions the vacuum disc switch in a number of places.

Old Air Products is a good source for replacement parts.

The dual stage diaphragm that on the fire wall is easy to get at, the one located in the housing is a real *****.


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I agree about Ed is saying about the vacuum diaphragms that are activating these doors. When I had my AC/heat/defrost box and ducting all apart, I found there are flat sheets of neoprene that act as seals that are supposed to be glued and stapled to the doors. The glue and staples had deteriorated and were fouling mine from closing all the way. The only way I would have seen and known that was by taking it all apart. It was a PITA but I'm glad I took the effort to go through that system to clean, strip, repaint, lubricate, and replace the hoses and these diaphragms. Also, there were springs on the doors too that were rusted through and not working. No more mice nests now either! :eek:


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