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Coolant Passages, 263 Straight Eight

Pete O

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I pulled the cylinder head on my '51's engine yesterday. The plan is to clean out the water jackets, as it tends towards running a little hot, especially after a high speed run. It stays cool as long as I'm moving, but if I come to a light after a few miles of highway speed, the temp will creep up. I've already re-cored the radiator a couple years ago, and flushed the block as best I could, so I figured pull the head and see what we have.

One of the first things I noticed is, between cylinders 1 and 2, on the manifold side, there's a large water passage in the head, in the head gasket, but no corresponding passage in the block. There is a similar large passage between cylinders 7 and 8, but back there, there is a passage in the block that matches up to the head. Is this normal for a 263?

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