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LaSalle engine to '36 Cadillac 60 transmission

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Guest bayside

Does anyone know if a 1937 LaSalle 322 cu.in. engine will bolt to a '36 Cadillac series 60 transmission? Presently looking for a 1936 Cadillac 60 engine, 322 cu.in.

If I can't find a good block I will probably go with the LaSalle engine.

Any advice will be apreciated.

Gary Geyer

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I have pics to show the 37 LaSalle transmission bolt pattern.

I do not have any info on the 36 Cad trans.

Can you supply a pic of the 36 Cad transmission front pattern?

I do know that some later Cads used that early LaSalle pattern, but I do not know what exact years. I thought the same basic trans style was from 37 and newer. (top shift on early/side shifter on later)

Cad used that pattern into the early 50s, I am sure of that. These transmissions were used in hotrods since the old days, and were called Cad/LaSalle transmissions.

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Trans in the middle is a 37 LaSalle.

The 4 bolt front pattern is not symetrical, meaning that the passengerside top bolt hole is way off to the passengerside.

Many GM transmissions of different makes, but same year, have a pattern that is symetrical like the trans on the left. It may look the same at that angle of the picture view, but the pattern is quite different than the middle one.

The trans case on the right has the same 37 LaSalle pattern. That one is 1950 Olds as well as being the same as the "sideshift" LaSalle that was from around 38/39 until the early 1950s


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Many years ago a local club member pulled the engine from his '37 LaSalle to rebuild, and "temporarily" installed a '38 Cadillac 60 Series engine. That swap was still running 30 years later. I'm fairly certain that just the engine , and not the transmission was swapped, so it SHOULD work.

Good luck

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Yes it looks different. It looks like the GM pattern used by Buick starting in the later 30s and also used in the 40s and 50s by Buick Olds and I think Pontiac.

Maybe someone will know if you can fit the 36 Cad bell onto the 37 LaSalle engine??

If that won't fit on, then maybe if the input shaft length is the same, you maybe could drill the 36 Cad tran pattern on the LaSalle bell.

I can measure my 37 LaSalle input shaft length if you want

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