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Hello all ,1967

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Glad to see you found the site. Lot's of information is exchanged here, but only a small fraction of the ROA membership is active here. To become really involved in our club, you should consider membership so you can receive the Riview, our bi-monthly publication. Lots of article, tech advice, and classifieds. Welcome to the Riviera Owners Association Homepage. and look for the link about becoming a member.


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I have a cherry 1967 Rivy ,Im in Illinois . I am interrested in your club and shows. I have had Alot of show cars but this is my fav.

Talk to you all soon


Hi Tom and Welcome to the board.

So tell us why the 67 is your favorite and a little more detail about your car. How long you've owned it, color, options etc.

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I like it the best because it is so rare and people of all ages realy like it, from young to old. Plus the way it handles and drives ,sits , looks ,and power. The car I have is fully loaded all electric ,white interior , Silver Body with a white vinyl top, stock wheels. NO rips or tears, also has the original glass bottle for the washer fluid.

I will be putting pictures up as soon as the snow melts some!!!

I also have a street rod Mustang GT Year 1

I have had 67 Ford Farlane ,51 5 window pickup,66 dodge GT , 66 chevy pickup,67 chevelle , it gos on and on!!!!

But the Riv. is my Favorite!!!!! By far!!!!!!!

I have had it for some time I just never new you guys were here I have looked all over the internet and just last night found you all.

Thank God . there are things I will need help with . and I am going to join the club!!!!

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Yes post some pics when you can. If you haven't already noticed, go here. Welcome to the Riviera Owners Association Homepage.

As you probably already know, parts and tech info for these Rivs aren't as easy to come by compared to the mainstream classics. There is a wealth of info and support available to ROA members. There is also a CD available from ROA that has hundreds if not thousands of articles from past issues of the ROA newsletter.

These forums can provide some help but you will hit the mother load as a member of ROA.

Look forward to seeing some pics of your Riv.

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