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'53 Special Hardtop quarter window trim removal??? Pete?


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If I remember correctly, it just pries off. There may be a couple of screws that you access from inside the car, by rolling the window ALL the way down. I can't recall if there are some, but if there are, they are very short, and they point towards the outside of the car. I have an extra one of those stainless mouldings in my garage, and will look at it tomorrow to see if there are screw holes "over the fold". I think you have to remove the lower backglass moulding FIRST. The lower backglass moulding slips underneath the quarter window moulding, and if I remember correctly, the clip that holds both mouldings has to be unscrewed after you remove the lower backglass moulding. That one is removed by crawling into the trunk on your back, and reaching up through the back edge of the package shelf with a 3/8ths or 7/16ths (can't recall which) deep socket, and unscrewing the nuts that hold the lower moulding down.


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Looked at it just now, and there are four little screws that point towards the outside of the car. They are located just below the fuzzy window beltline weatherstrip. I think if you take off the metal cap from the top of the interior quarter panel, you can reach them. In addition, there are three metal clips at the outside bottom of the moulding. For lack of a better term, they are almost like paper clips, and they clip into the bottom of three openings in the body sheet metal. Therefore when removing this moulding, do not try to pry it away from the side of the car, but rather push it straight up. This is the only way you will get the clips out of the holes.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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