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another of grampa's cars?

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Guest ImperialNorth

Alan you bring up an interesting point, I wonder what would be the average age of a TC owner/member. I have no problem with my age at all. I am 39, and have been for the last 15 years.

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Guest d_voitel

I'm 70 and loving every minute of it. A loving wife, four daughters and six grandchildren. I remember when my folks were 70 and they didn't get around nearly as well. I don't plan to slow down until I draw my last breath.

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I have yet to meet an owner younger than myself at a TC meet. I know there are a few young-uns TC owners but for the most part I think 'we're' all 50's +:P SoCal if you are reading this thread, there is another 20Something owner that was given a TC by a grandparent, right Karleeen;)?


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Guest TC42-MRP

My grandmother loved her TC, I am sure if she could of figured out a way to bring it with her into heaven she would have, but the next best thing was to give it too me. For several years I have enjoy this TC car. At the age of 37, I hope the car last with me.

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Purchase my TC in 1993 when the car was four year old. Then I was 50 years old.

The last 16 years have been filled with 98% enjoyment :)while driving the TC and 2% with mechanical troubles:(. <O:p></O:p>


However thanks to the diverse age group we have on this site it help all of us learn more about our TCs, enjoy the camaraderie and get expert assistance when required.

<O:p<O:p> </O:p>



TC America

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