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  1. My name is mike key I live in St. Peter's mo. I own 6 maserati tc's al differently coustomised any one interested in talking aBout them feel free to coNTact ME MICHAEL R. Key email mrk813@charter. Net Send me your telephone number and will call back. I also have 15 years experience having problems? Call me maybe I can help. Michael
  2. First step is take top to auto glass shop to have portal windows removed and rear window removed they have the tools nessiary to cut out portal windows. Their are plenty of replacement vinyl tops replacement shops. Don't get vinyl top though. Get. The micro fiber material has a much more luxurious look not shiney look of vinyl. And schould last considerably longer mine has been on for 7 years and looks brand new. Email me at mrk813@charter.net if you have any further questions mike key
  3. Love the look, but the sound is from original pipes with modified mufflers. The pipes shown in these pictures have only one turnout. I have changed the pipes to two turn outs , looks fantastic. Three of my cars have custom made shields, all custom weilded with dual turnouts on single pipes. Originally we're hooked up but wore out chrome within short peroid. Can be hooked up live. Or with cut outs . Very expensive for constant replacement. Will post better picture within week. Of all cars
  4. Thought you might also enjoy a couple more pics
  5. You may want to consider applying a micro-fabric cloth to your hardtop like I did here: I have a total of 6 TC's and this was a great solution for style and function to inter-change with my various colors. ESPECIALLY in the winter months The porthole glass also have LED lights set inside which would not be possible with the standard ragtop. Maintainance-wise I've had 7 years of drive-time on this micro-fiber/hardtop hybrid.
  6. thank you again for answer. you have helped me in the past. the members of this forum are fortunate to have you as a member. again thank you.
  7. just purchased another tc my 5th one this one royal cabernet/burgandy. in the past i have seen wheel offset on forum would appericate it if someone would reply thank you. just had interior refinished, came out great will post pictures shortly. cannot remember if it is 100% offset. thank you
  8. anyone know the thickness of the gage metal used on the tc's body. cannot find on convential computer. thank you michael
  9. thank you for your answer imperial north . already called continental enterprises, was informed they do not carry one that would fit our cars. looks like i'am going to break down and buck -up for a e&g kit rather pricey. was looking for a possiable used one . thanks for intrest, michael key
  10. imperial north , as close as i can get to the thunderbirds of the 1950"s. has chrome port hole rings, 1956 fender hash mark"s . and thunderbird chrome hood scoop , am shopping for continenal rear kit . red tc .shown yellow dog my 1990 black/black/black has a maserati quattroporte fender vents cut in fenders with 1950"s thunderbird hood scoop side ppes and custom grill, spoiler
  11. thought form members might like to see new modiafication on my 1991 tc. opions? has dual turn outs instead of one welded on.
  12. too bad to far away. live in st. louis mo. great price. i purchased and extra top similar past wrecked tc . had it recovered in black micro fiber cloth look. paid 200.00 four years ago. have four tc's and it looks great on any of them.
  13. thanks for info on top construction tim. thought it was fiberglass - now wil check with new in stallers on sun roofs. thou i think bob is right, about pitch or cureveage on roof might not sit well on sun roof install. also tim, the gill on your white tc is almost identical to the ones i made from a old sears air conditioner cover painted one to match car and other had chromed. gald you came out of that acident well tim and thank you for help in the past. vist your web site often mike key st lou
  14. my tc toy this might help your decision. mike key:)
  15. forgot to mention i also checked on sun roof on a extra top i purchased. and was in formed at three different stores tht sun roof are hard to seal because of fiberglass material of top. so i took out the all the windows and had it recovered with black velvet micro fiber cloth so i can change the look of any of my tc's. 4tc's 5 hard tops 4 convertable tops = 20? different looks never was any good at math. also hooked up two lift's in garage to avoid a divorce now i can change look of my tc's myselef.
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