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TC parts in Dallas FW


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Last week I was in the DFW area and found a yellow TC in the Pick a Part at the intersection of loop 12 ( 408 ) and I 30.

I got the headlights, grill, floor mats and the ABS pump/motor Psw and Accumulator.

I am in MN and had to leave the parts in Texas until around Thanksgiving when I will be going back there and will bring them home at that time. I would like to sell them when I get them home. I also have some taillight pieces from the TC I found in Dallas last spring.

The car I found last week has the hard top on it and most of the other parts were there.

It had a spray painted pink engine and I think that meant it had been a cash for clunkers car.

I can be reached at jfinn@cpinternet.com

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