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How to jump ignition on 1963 LeSabre?


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Hi, looking for some more help on this one - I have a 63 LeSabre that recently got running after many years idle, and ran great. Then, when trying to start it one day and pull it into the garage there was suddenly no reponse when turning the ignition (lights bright, good battery connection). I had a similar problem on my 57 when I first got it running and a new ignition switch fixed it.

On this one, I'd like to just jumper the connections first to test this theory before looking into the problem deeper or buying a switch. However, I do not have a manual with a wiring diagram currently. Does anyone know which wires I need to jumper to start it? I have the lock assembly removed and the connector under the dash disconnected already...

Thanks for any help!

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I would check the neutral safety switch on the steering column if this is a Dynaflow car. From that point work either forward or backwards.

If this switch is bad, the engine will not turn over but all accessories will work.

You really need a shop manual, or at minimum a wiring diagram to trace out this. My advice is before you start jumping wires, you read this over and understand what, where, and how these components interact. It could get real expensive real quick if you make a mistake and short something out, or buy a bunch of parts only to find a bad wire connection on a good component.

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Sounds like a bad neutral safety switch to me, too.

You could also take an insulated screwdriver, and touch it across the large and the small wire terminals on the starter solenoid, if you can get to them safely, and get the car to crank that way. There will be a big spark when you do this, so don't light any matches, don't do it if there is a gas leak anywhere, and don't touch anything else with the screwdriver. And make sure car is in neutral, emergency brake set, etc.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas

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