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CRT Problem


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Hello. I have had 2 different CRT's come down with the same problem. They both stopped displaying normally and had nothing but a straight vertical line down the middle of the CRT. I even tried swapping out a good CRT controller on both of them and nothing. Do you think this could be something else that is causing this? They both still accept input so that part of the system is working.

I looked at the wiring harness at the CRT end and it looks good. Everything else works in the car such as dash, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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If you have a vertical line that means the horizontal section of the CRT unit is working as the horizontal section also provides the high voltage to the CRT, making the lit up line. You have a problem in the vertical section of the units. Nothing else externally would cause this problem.

You simply have two bad CRT units.

I have good tested and working CRT/touch screens available for less $ than some others, plus mine have been tested for at least two weeks in my personal car.

I can be reached at jfinn@cpinternet.com

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