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Standard Rear End

Guest Rick Nolen

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I believe that 1936 and 1937 Lincoln Zephyrs used a "standard" rear axle gear set. From 1938 and later, the rear axle gearset used "Hypoid" gears.

My experience with early Fords indicated that 90 weight gear oil was specified.

I'm attaching lubrication specs from the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr owner's manual and a Texaco publication. Both indicate that 90W is used.

Here in Texas, where it gets HOT, I've been using 140W gear oil.

If your rear axle leaks, 140W won't leak out as fast as 90W!



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Guest DADDIO65

I am an Amsoil freak... I use straight 140 weight in my 39. Although there was never any "whining" in the gears, I like the fact that there is no breakdown @ 110 degrees in a Cornhusker summer. Just my preference though..

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As your rear axle is fitted with a Spiral Bevel type crown wheel and pinion you should NOT be using any type of oil made for Hyphoid type rear axles.

I looked at the Penrite oil site and see they recommend Transoil 140

I also looked up the Ford service book and in accordance with service bulletin 4000, April 15, 1938, the rear axle oil should be drained and refilled every 6 months or every 5000 miles.

I dont think you will find many people doing that these days.


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