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32 REO for sale


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Guest Hugo Driessens
I have a 32 Royale RS Coupe and was looking for any others. Did you ever find any information on this car?


Hello, In February 2012 you have seen a picture of a REO sportcoupe and asked if anyone had some information about this car. i bought this car in the US and took it over to Belgium. I still have the US papers. I also have a technical question about this car. it is an 8 cylinder but on all REO's I have seen on google is the distributor in the neighbourhood of the cylinder head. At my car, the distributor is connected to the generator that is connected with the distribution timing. Can you tell me a little bit more about this ? greets Hugopost-95502-143142119128_thumb.jpg


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Hello Hugo , You have a beautiful Reo car . Exactly what model is the car . You should join the Reo Club of America . They have members who are experts in certain years of the cars eg. like 1904 to 1908 etc . Here is a phone number 304 - 242 - 3388 of Ben Mc Adam in Wheeling West Virginia . This gentleman's specialty is ignition parts . He should be able to help with ignition parts . I do not have an email address for him . Please keep us up to date with your progress on your car . Thanks , Mark Gregory

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