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1953 hood removal

Guest tinwoodie

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Guest tinwoodie

Hi All

I'm trying to remove the hood from my 53 woodie and having a little trouble. The manual is of little help. Anyone out there taken their hood off and can give me some suggestions.



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I'm just finishing the restoration of a 1953 Buick Special.

Whatever you do, don't remove the hood hinge springs because you may never get them back on. Remove the hinge and spring as an assembly. The best way to do this is to leave the hinges & springs attached to the hood, and unbolt the three bolts that hold the hinge assembly to the cowl. Two of the bolts are reached from inside the car, up under the corners of the dashboard. I can't remember if you have to remove the cardboard kick panels, but I think both of the bolts are just above the top of the kick panels. The third bolt is reachable from under the hood, but you have to adjust the hood up or down to get the hinge arms out of the way to give you access to that third bolt. This whole operation is a two-person job. I used a length of board or a broom stick to help hold up the front of the hood while unbolting the hinges from the cowl.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas

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Guest martylum

I'm disassembling a 53 Buick Roadmasster and have removed the whole front fender assembly but still have the hood attached to the cowl. The hood hinges seem to be riveted to the hood-2 rivets each side so it would seem you must remove the hood and hinges as a unit.

There are 2 bolts accessible from the back side of the cowl. the third bolt is on the engine side but can only be worked with the hood down so do that bolt first then raise the hood to do the other two.

I'm planning on having 2 helpers to do the removal-1 each side of the hood which is large and the third to reach under the dash to do the unbolting on both sides.

Sure would be nice if you could unbolt the hood from the hinges as in many other cars but I don't think it can be done.

Maartin Lum

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