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Arrived: '71 Electra Custom 2 dr

Guest 75RivGS

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Guest 75RivGS

Finally home. After a month in a sea container last week my 71 Electra arrived here in The Netherlands.

Already knew the car for I drove her last 4500 mls in the USA.

A real bummer was to find out the Sony auto radio/MP3 player I installed earlier in the glove compartment was stolen, all the gas was drained from the tank (and by doing so probably the sending unit was damaged, cause fuel gauge didn't work anymore), all valve stem covers were gone and the tires half inflated. Luckily al the (Buick) goodies in the trunk were still there.

From the harbor I went straight to the "DMV" to have an inspection.

Outcome of the inspection was I have to alter/renew a few things on the car:

- change the sealed beams to European standards

- new upper- and lower ball joints

- there was a slight difference in braking power in the rear, probably a cylinder, for the e-brake worked perfectly.

Plans for the next winter are some detailing (add rear window defogger, getting another front bumper, hunt for pit free tal light bezels and outside door handles) and a repaint (same original color)





Plans are already there to visit the USA again by the end of July next year ;) (in a Buick of course)

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Congratulations Rob.

Looks like a very nice example and glad to see at least it arrived in one piece. I like the color. I imagine there could be worse things happen to a car on a trip like that. Is there any recourse with the shipping company for the MP3 player?

Good luck with your new car. I'm sure that baby will attract some attention on the highways there.

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