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1934 Chrysler Airflow Sedan Excellent Original

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1934 Chrysler Airflow CU Sedan. The first year for the legendary Airflow and considered by collectors to be the most desirable. This is an excellent original car that has always been cared for and maintained. The paint and upholstery are likely original and very presentable. The original straight 8 engine runs well and the car performs the way it should. Located near Detroit. 27,500.00 firm. 734-730-4274 motoringicons@hotmail.com





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Loren, since the posting is over 4 years old, the car

undoubtedly sold long ago. You can call the seller, though.

And many people who posted a car for sale 4 years ago would

never see your request 4 years later, so a phone call is the

way to find out.

In recent years, asking prices have frequently been 'way out

in left field--sometimes double what a car is worth--

and it's possible that a car may still be available

a year or more after it's advertised. In this case, I doubt it.

Hope this Forum advice helps a future car owner!

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