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A Swine Flu Quarentine Project Car

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Ok the flu season is just around the next bend.... does everyone have enough shed projects to keep them busy in case things would get out of hand ? On a serious note the boy scouts say it's better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Here for your consideration we have a fixer-upper from 1915 that will surely keep you busy busy busy during the longest of quarntines. Might I add that any car from 1915 is sure to get a lot of attention reguardless of the make... and the good news is we have some 60 percent of the car ready for you to pick up and get to work on.

Enough grandstanding.... now available we have a 1915 Grant needing full restoration ( and then some ).

A pal of mine ( last name is Grant ) bought a 1915 Grant automobile out of Hemmings back in the 1970's and along with the very nice showroom car, was a whole slew of additional parts. When I heard about the extra parts I pondered that somewhere on the planet Earth someone was probably looking for these parts. Just the oher day Mr Grant tells me he's clean'n out the barn and the extra Grant parts need a home.

Available in this huge undertaking we have:

2 engines and transmissions ( one has a brass tag reading Grant Six )

4 fenders

Both axles

Clutch Pedals

Carburetor Brass




Wheels ( whats left of them )

Steering Column

Misc Parts

So.... anyone out there got a lot of spare time on their hands...! I have lots more photos. Been up all night canning tomatos and I'm tired so I'll check back later to see if anyone is up to the task. It's ok for you to sleep on the idea :)


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$1200 seems to be the price that comes to mind. For the money spent you'll be so busy you won't need cable tv for a good year maybe ( a savings right there) and no need to even leave the house for anything other than wd-40 and some food staples. Well you might need a few sheets of sheet metal and a big hammer.

Thanks for the input. -Randy

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SOLD.... A partial teens Grant in Argentina will soon be getting some much needed running gear and as well some much needed engine parts. For my time and effort I get a free ride and tour around Buneos Aries next time I'm down that way...!!!


And remember to take your vitamin D3 each day... chances are you won't ever catch the flu again. Google D3 and Swine Flu for proof of benefit.

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