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Judging & Showing at Fall Hershey


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I noticed that the Judges Breakfast for Fall Hershey starts at 7:00 AM.

At what time before 7:00AM can judges park their cars on the show field before heading over for the Breakfast?

Given the logisitics involved with getting a car onto the show field, it would seem that this is the only option for a judge to get their car onto the show field before the gates close and the judge has to begin their assigned duties.

Any thoughts from people who have Judged at Fall Hershey and had a car on the show field?

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Guest Siegfried


The judges breakfast starts at 0700 hours due to the reading of awards, etc.

You do have a bit of time after the breakfast to get yor car on the field, but why wait? Just drive in at 0630 hours and park it before the breakfast at 0700 hours. H.R. has staff on the show field at 0530 hours every year for the 'early birds'. AKA: us judges.

If this is your 1st. time judging at Hershey I recommend you get your car on the field before the brekfast. Personal ezxperience speaking here. Have fun. Hershey is as good as a Grand National.

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Guest bossmustang

I advise you to park your car on the field first. We take two cars and I judge. You will be in the dark but there are plenty of Hershey Region people to help you park. The judges breakfast is just a short walk across the Giant Center parking lot.


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