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Straight 8 ID

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I have a Studebaker Straight 8 that I would like to sell but I am unsure of the year.Ill post a couple pictures so maybe some one can ID it for me.

It is similar to the one in my 37 President but the head looks different.

I am thinking 35 or 36 Let me know what you think.



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This engine looks like a 1930s Commander Eight, or a 1930s Dictator Eight. The oil filler is not the style used on the 1929-30 Commander’s. The Studebaker Commander Eight should have an engine number stamped into the block just above the water inlet on the block near the cylinder head (between the water manifold and the top of the block). Later 1930s Commander Eights had the engine number stamped at the top of the block just below the cylinder head either at the left front corner of the block, or near the right rear corner of the block. Look for an engine number will confirm what year and model the engine belongs too.

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Guest stude8

Get a good wire brush and scrape off the dirt where suggested to find the engine serial number. Also what are the distributor tag model number and starter motor tag model number, I can look them up and give a close range of years that used them. The down draft manifold indicates mid 30's and head looks like it is iron not aluminum. Stude8

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