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L.A. Times: 2010 LaCrosse "blows the Lexus out of the sky".


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I understand those who insist that Buick needs to add coupes and convertibles to its lineup, but I think that the first critical step is for Buick to return to buyers' radars in the sedan market. I think that the LaCrosse moves the needle in the right direction.

From the L.A. Times:

GM's first new car since it emerged from bankruptcy is as good as or better than the ES350 in every way, and is actually desirable.

Dan Neil

August 7, 2009

<!-- sphereit start -->Fighter pilots call it "target fixation" when you become so focused on a single adversary that you lose situational awareness and fly into something large and obvious, like the ground. Buick's 2010 LaCrosse -- a near-luxury, mid-size-to-large sedan -- was built to put the cross-hairs on a single bogie, the Lexus ES350, and I'll tell you right now, it blows the Lexus out of the sky. Pow. Parachute. Smoking crater.

Here's the rest of the article:

2010 Buick LaCrosse CXS is an American Lexus - Los Angeles Times

Oh, and check out this video from Seattle's NBC affiliate. It's significant because U.S.-brand cars are mostly "off the radar" for buyers here in the Seattle metropolitan area:

Seattle Video | News Video | TV Video | KING 5 News | KING5.com

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Guest Skyking

Good article Brian, but you'll never ever see them outsell Lexus in this country. The American car has been bashed to death.

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Conspiracy and brainwashing theories aside, Lexus presently offers 4 distinct sedans, 3 SUVs, 2 convertibles as well as 4 hybrid editions of the aforementioned models.

Buick? 2 sedans and a crossover SUV. That Buick manages to sell about 54% of the cars Lexus does (latest figures) with just 3 models disproves your point. Not to mention that those sales numbers do not include the new and greatly improved (IMO) LaCrosse makes Buick's sales surpassing those of Lexus even more within reach.

I think the new 2010 LaCrosse is a fantastic car, just what Buick needs. The Enclave is also really nice. The Lucerne not so much, but clearly Buick is headed in the right direction and I'd expect the Lucerne's replacement will reflect the new vigor Buick's line-up has been displaying of late.

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