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my 91 reatta miss fires


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my 91 misfires at about 1880 rpms and when it is on a pull going uphill. i have taken it to a mechanic we changed plug wires and coil pacs i put in a new cam sensor. i cant figure it out. it never misses when idling or at low speeds or even higher speeds when it misses i can put my foot in it and it goes away. thank you all you have helped me many times.

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Symptoms are typical of secondary ignition problem, low rpm/moderate load/high gear. Could be plugs but if you have changed the coil wires (8mm ?) and coils (3) that just leaves plugs and the ICM. Spare from the recycling center is $20-$40 complete and good to have one.

Cam sensor is unlikely & crank sensor should not be load related.

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