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Western Pa Get Together - Follow up

Guest DebReatta90

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Guest DebReatta90

Thanks to everyone who came to the picnic on Saturday. I have attached the videos I took to share with you all. Forgive the video quality. I'm still figuring out my new camera.

We had a total of 10 Reattas. There was one 88, two 89s, one 91 and the rest were 90s.

We had White, Black, Blue, Claret, Red. There were 3 convertibles and two with sun roofs.

The weather held out with only a few sprinkles. We had a great time and met some super people.

We have already had requests to do it again next year.

Thanks to Wayne2Reattas for the idea.


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Congratulations on organizing a nice event!! No apologies necessary on the video quality, I loved seeing all the Reatta's lined up together and the park pavillion looked like a nice place to enjoy a picnic as well! (The middle link worked by copying and pasting into my browser and was the best of the three!!)

I hope you do consider putting it together again next year, I am sorry my schedule wouldn't allow it this year but I'll certainly make the effort next year.

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Good Job in getting the cars togather, it is a rare site indeed.

It is my mission this year to get all owners of our cars to become members of the BCA and Reatta Divison members so we can all get togather at the National meet in Ames Iowa in July 2010. Please contact all the car owners and ask them to Join the Reatta Div. It is hoped that we have the largest turnout of cars for the cruise. It is in our best interest to make the Reatta grow and last year we did. While the membership in the BCA shrunk a bit we grew so lets grow some more. You have made a great start

Lets show the rest of the Buick guys that we are the leaders of the club and we can show the way of growth in the future


Booreatta in WIchita Kansas

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Guest C.F.Massie


I'm still confused about becoming a member of the Reatta Club specifically about having to join the Buick Club of America first. Why if we have such a great following with the people who join in on this discussion forum do we have to be a member of the BCA first?

I belong to the Shelby Owners Club of America but I do not have to be a member of the Mustang owners or Ford owners clubs first. I also belong to a GTO mational club but do not have to join the Pontiac clubs first. What's the deal with that?

I feel I'm going to have to support two organizations and one of which I have no need to be affiliated, explain please.:confused:

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Why if we have such a great following with the people who join in on this discussion forum do we have to be a member of the BCA first?

This is b/c the Reatta "club" is presently a Division of the Buick Club of America.

A lot of the members own more than one model of Buick, some own many Buicks. So its logical for these members to belong to the parent organization, however there are also a lot of Reatta-only owners and that could be a deterent to them joining the BCA.

I dont want to be accused of "heresy" - but I will step out on a limb and say sometimes wonder if there shouldn't be a separate non-BCA affilated Reatta Owners Association and that way more Reatta owners could be rounded-up as members into one organization?

As you can see in my sig though I am a BCA member, promote membership, and owning different Buick models intend to stay in the BCA and its affliates. ;)

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craig the Reatta Division is a division of the BCA. With out the BCA there would not be a Reatta club as we know it. I really dont think that a Reatta club would survive due to the number of cars and the distance to get everybody togather. Most of the members of the Reatta division also own Buicks of other years and makes. I think it is the right thing to do, bring everybody togather to socialze and compare notes, something that could not be done with out the Reatta Division. I realize that some people dont agree with this but if someone started a Reatta club outside the BCA I dont see how it would survive. Most places would only have a hand full of cars in the area. The Meet in Pa. had 10 cars and I think that is super to have that many, but that is also the problem. there are a lot more cars out there but because of distance more cars can not make the trip. The BCA will have a lot of cars and the Reattas will be the largest group and the are a bunch of good folks having fun with our cars.

Give the BCA a try and lets cruise to Iowa. in 2010


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