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1920's Repulic trucks info

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I am looking for pictures or information on late 1920's Republic trucks, searching the net has not turned up much.

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Well, Republic was one of the better known old names, 1912-29, when they merged with the commercial division of Americsn LaFrance, becoming LaFrance-Republic (which was bought by the old Sterling in 1932, the LaFrance-Republic name continued to 1942) (all per Mroz's truck book)...

Your local library should have a copy or a copy of Georgano's World Trucks book for some history; there should at least be a Wiki piece...

For pix I'd Google Republic truck history, Republic truck images/pictures, or Republic Motor Truck Company and see what comes up; there's a site called Hank's truck pictures that's supposed to have a lot of pix, but I've never been in it.

If you had a particular model in mind you might try Jeff L who runs the "What Am I?" forum on aths and/or justoldtrucks; he has a monumental collection of old truck books and pix. Posting on those sites, or on the old car/truck forum at smokstak might bring up pix; there're old ads on EBay but illus were often not pix but idealized illus.

Mroz says in the mid 20s Republic had "several" models, eight in 1928 and 28 in 1929, when they merged with ALF.

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