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Guest Richard D

I know it is easy to ask, Why didn't you.... but have you seen what windshields are going for? Plus I happen to need one. I guess it is up to State Farm to source it anyway. Here in Florida there is no deductable on windshields.

ps I bet the wheels get pulled before the crusher.

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Windshield was severely cracked. Rear glass surround rubber was severely weathered. I have limited storage space (and know-how) and I'm working by myself. I wanted to save the wheels, but I was looking at a hundred bucks for donuts. Also, once I started the exterior tear-apart I had to get the car gone as the ol' ball and chain and my neighbors would not tolerate such an eyesore. It had been sitting in that spot for going on three years.

Shoulda coulda woulda, but I got more stuff of the thing than I know what to do with. I can barely get my car in the garage now.

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