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Army truck for sale....

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Saw this army truck for sale yesterday. Some rust, needs wheel cylinders, has new engine with the original engine included, only $2,800.00. Talk to Chris or Erik at (541)941-4299. The truck is located near Medford, Oregon.





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Guest Bob Call

Proper nomenclature is M-37 Weapons Carrier, 3/4 ton, 4X4. Built by Dodge and used by all branches of the service until replaced by a Jeep 3/4 ton pickup in the late 60's. This one appears to be a late 40's or 50's model. First models in early WWII looked more like the civilian Dodge pickup. Basically a Dodge PowerWagon, parts should be pretty easy to find. Price of $2,800 seems very reasonable.


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I have a friend that has one of these. I rewired it a number of years ago. His is a 1953 and has a 24 volt system. Also has all the fording shielding. Neat truck. cool.gif Dandy Dave!

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