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how to remove mouldings on 1963 riviera

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The riviera script is bolted on, you need to remove the panel covering the door hinge mounts and reach in with a 5/16th wrench to remove them. Not hard, but not fun either, it is a slow/tedius job.

The stainless moulding on the door is held on with plastic clips and bolted at each end, just open the door and remove the nuts and gently pry the moulding off. The rear quarter mouldings also pry off- Same type clips as the door. Check inside the trunk to make sure the moulding behind the wheel is not bolted ( it shouldn't be ) the moulding in front of the wheel should not be bolted

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Kevin rivgs, Thanks for the info it was spot on except for the riviera script. It used push clips similar to the clips holding the horse shoe moldings on except they are round. Everything came off with no damage. Does anyone know where I can buy any of the clips that hold any of these moldings on. It would be nice to replace the iffy ones Thanks all LRG Larry

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