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Fuel pump

Don Hudd

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I think my fuel pump went out on my '89. I have crank and spark but no fire. I did spray a small amount of starting fluid and that fired but no run. How hard to replace pump and is there instructions somewhere? Also at this same time when i crank to motor, when I stop cranking there is a cluck kinda noise which sounds like it is coming from the alternator side of engine.

Thanks for any help.


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Guest CL_Reatta

an easy test would be to move the car into a garage or quite place and turn the key to the on position and see if you can hear the fuel pump running or not

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Guest Bobby Valines

Take the gas cap off and put your ear close to the hole and have someone turn key on on. If you still don't here anything it could still be the relay which is more probable.

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Guest Drake


Hood open, face firewall, three relays mounted just above heater/air conditioning fan motor. Left to right. #1 fuel pump relay, #2 brake pump relay and #3 main ABS brake relay.

GM part #25553347, approx: $9.00. I believe Advance or Auto Zone carry aftermarket replacements. Try swapping out the fuel pump relay with one of the other two first.

Hope this helps.

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