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16v Leather Armrest Done

Guest LouZ

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Guest LouZ

Here are a couple of pics at different angles. UPS arrived today. I mixed the black last evening and recoated the armrest. I was expecting to do 2 coats of the new mixed color; but after drying overnight, I think it's good to go. There is no sun today (rain & cloudy), so I'll hold final judgement until I see it in the sun.

How To:

use 1/2" brush, and light coat at all edges, and seams, brush out away from the seams, being careful not to leave any edges on dye that may show up later. After edges etc. are dry (dries very fast, 5min.) I used a "powder puff" type of wax applying pad.(micro cloth over a foam pad)with a small amount of dye, and with a basic circular motion applied the dye to the open areas. Carefully blending edges and also being careful not to apply the dye to heavy. If you put too much dye on you loose the grain of the leather and it looks too much like vinyl.

This is my first attempt at this procedure. It looks good on the armrest; but we will see how the rest goes..




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What LouZ doesn't mention is the amount of finesse and patience that was probably required to get that result. I just hope he can match the seats to that armrest, mixing colors can be an amazing challenge when trying to duplicate a result.

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Guest d_voitel

Great work Lou! Did you use Leatherique? The results are awesome.

I'm planning on doing something with the leather on my TC right after graduation. I need to do a good cleaning and rejuvinating to get the leather soft and supple again. Overall it's in pretty good shape. Just needs some TLC.

Someone before me got greasy handprints all over the inside of the hard top. I bought some Meguiar's upholstery cleaner which cleaned it right up. Can't even tell there were grease spots.

Again, great job with the leather restoration.

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