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ABS Brakes 1988 Reatta

Reatta Stu

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Recently my red brake and yellow ABS lights came on while driving and I lost brake pressure - problem is intermitent (happened once before). The next day the lights were off and brakes okay. However, I am now very edgy about driving in fear of brakes going out. What should I check? Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? Thanks in advance for your assist.

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Guest MauiWowee

Do not drive the car until this is fixed. Take the brake test at Reatta.net and report back. cool.gif

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Intermittants are a real pain because you can only troubleshoot when they act up.

That said the most likely cause of a "sometimes" problem in the boost system is the pump relay followed by the pressure switch, the motor, and the wiring in that order.

If a CND (could not duplicate) I'd probably swap the ABS and pump relays on the firewall amd see if either the problem goes away or goes to only the yellow light on with no reduction in braking. (YMMV, notary sojack, use with a professional driver on a closed course, and other weasle words apply).

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