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49 cadillac

Ken & Gale

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We have a 49 cadillac that we are starting to restore. We are wanting to put different seats in it. We are wanting to put high back bucket seats in it. Does anyone know from what vehicle I could get these seats from that will fit in this car?

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Ken & Gale,

Respectfully, this is not a site that caters to any modification of stock. Having said that, all non original seating is Kustom and no one seat would be considered a 1st choice. If you want a modern bucket seat arrangement, you could go to any local pick-a-part yard and you would have infinite options.

Measuring the area after removal of your original seat plus height would allow you to check quickly for applications in the salvage yard.

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Nice car.

In 1961 i took my Florida drivers test in a new 1961 VW,

but went home with my dad and borrowed his yellow 1948 Cadillac Convertible to go back to school for my girlfriend.

A realy great car with a giant flathead, real class.

It still is, any chance yours started life green then became yellow?

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