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WOW! This may be the same club...


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This may be the same club named on a brass plate on the back of my soon to be 1915 Model T. I am so excited/honored to be receiving this Delivery model, and so many questions to ask.

It was originally my Grandfather's in San Luis Obispo, CA, then my Fathers (also in CA), and finally mine!

My first question is of storage. I live in WA state and am concerned with the high moisture/humidity. I have a large shop and am willing to do/build what is necessary to protect my new family heirloom. Any suggestions?

Again, can't wait to dive into this and enjoy many years with it.

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You can buy zippered bags that inflate around your car. However, cars are pretty resilient when parked indoors. If you're in an area with a high ground water content you might have humidity coming up through the floor. A sure way to tell is to lay down some clear plastic. If moisture forms under it, you might want to take measures to protect it. If there's no moisture present after a couple of days, it fine to just park it wherever you want.

I, personally, think you should give more thought to driving it than storing it, but that's just my opinion.

It's also my opinion that you should take some serious lessons on driving a Model T. I've never driven one but took a tour of the Model T repair facility at Greenfield Village and the mechanism was thoroughly explained, which left me more confused than ever. The mechanic said you have to learn by doing.

The curator of the Transportation Collection at The Henry Ford is Bob Casey. He just wrote a definitive book on the Model T.

Good luck with your new toy!

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