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Can someone House my car in KEIZER, OREGON ?

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Hello everybody, I am driving my 1918 Dodge Touring car across country in June and July on a trip that ends in

San Fransico on July 9th I would like to bring the car up to KEIZER, OREGON and store it somewhere for the DBC meet on the 20th , but I have to go home in between.

can anyone in KEIZER store my car from 10 July to 20 July ?

Thanks, Mark Ounan ... 202-297-3532 cell ..... mark.ounan@us.army.mil

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Mark, I am helping put on the Keizer meet. I live about a 125 miles from there on North Hwy 97 in central Oregon. You would be welcome to leave it here and drive over from my place. Vern Barker will be coming by here as well,if he gets to make the trip.

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Hey Mark,

I forgot to mention. It is all country roads between my place and Salem (Kiezer). Thru the hop yards, and strawberry fields.

Makes me want to go for a drive except that it is raining.

It is just under an hour to PDX from here depending on traffic.

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