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'54 Air Conditioning

Fr. Buick

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I am in the midst of pulling a complete factory air unit for eventual use on a '54 Buick.

Does anyone out there have experience with these in the Cadillacs of that year? I assume the compressor and a few other pieces of the system are identical.

Two questions, please:

--Any recommendations on what to watch out for as I pull the unit out of the parts car?

--Any recommendations on servicing the system: replacement parts sources and a rebuilder for the compressor?

Grateful for any help, and happy wrenching,

Doug Cook

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The AC compressors are large. Do you have a Series 62, or a 75? I have a Series 75 and the compressor is quite large and hard to repair. Classic Air in Florida is about the only one that overhauls these things. Being a GM it may fit but I would check the Buick side to make sure that they were similar.

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