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55 Clipper tail light lense


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Just wondering who may have the best pricing on these? Most of the originals I've seen have some cracking and stress cracks in the plastic. I have seen repo's, but they are a bit pricey.

Car is a decent driver and not looking to put a bunch of money into it.



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You're right, they are very pricey. Believe one vendor did a run years ago, then again fairly recently and made them available to others so doubt you're going to find a huge difference--and if you do, then I'd be very suspect.

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Guest BigKev

Finding one of these for my '54 was a multi-year journey (BTW the 54/55 use the same taillight lens). I ended up buying a set from Sandy Chico of Tucson Packard at a PI swap-meet he was vending at. I think $125-$150 (each lens) is about the going price. But I can tell you the modern plastics are a world better than any original one you would find. So that extra price is going to be worth it in the long run.

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